Premier Sustain offers a comprehensive range of sustainable services for the resource efficient management and sustainable clearance of office furniture, IT and redundant electrical equipment.

These tailored services support you whether you are having an office clear-out, relocating or refreshing your office, expanding your team or operating during business as usual.


Delivered to the business class standards on which we pride ourselves, our services provide the best financial, environmental and social outcomes for your assets whilst meeting your timescales, budgets and priorities.

  • Achieve cost savings Whether we are helping you prevent waste with more effective stock control or by repairing your existing furniture, or maximising the value of and minimising waste on redundant assets, we can help you achieve significant cost savings on furnishing or clearing your office.
  • Deliver social value Our award-winning donation initiative, The Giving Back Project, enables our clients to support local schools, social enterprises and charities with redundant furniture, IT and electrical equipment. Premier’s sustainable services deliver many wider social benefits including increased employment, higher skilled and more rewarding roles and a reduction in furniture poverty.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment In line with the waste hierarchy we focus on prevention, minimisation, reuse and 100% diversion from landfill for your resources. Whether we are supplying you with additional assets, helping you make the most of existing assets or managing your redundant assets, we provide measurable results in terms of carbon savings, reduced water usage and waste. In 2016 Premier was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. The UK’s highest accolade for business success acknowledge our contributions to sustainability.


Premier Workplace Services provides a comprehensive range of services for businesses and other organisations moving or making changes to their workplace. Delivered on a standalone or integrated basis, these services include office relocations, specialist relocations, interior refurbishment, specialist IT, storage and sustainable solutions.

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